Automatic encrusting and traying machine / Ice cream Mochi making machine


HJ-BP860C Mochi ice cream making machine is an upgrade version from HJ-860BP Encrusting machine.

It has more new functions than normal HJ-860BP encrusting machine. Such as: automatic feed trays system, automatic dusting powder device, safety cover on the cutter and add third hopper to make double filling products.

It is special designed for ice cream mochi, cupcake, pineapple cake and other food with sticky material or other products which no need Secondary forming.

Technical Parameters:

Model No. HJ-BP860C Mochi ice cream making machine
Capacity 70-100pcs/min
Products weight 20-180g
Rated power 3.5kw
Dimension 240*130*175cm
Weight About 370kg
Voltage 220V/110V, it is adjustable

Production Application:

Mochi ice cream, Japanese Daifuku, maamoul, Custard filling cake, pineapple cake, wife cake, Marguerite cookies, kibbeh, kubba, chocolate filling cake, double filling biscuits, stripped cookies, Etc.


Automatic feed trays device, no need people put the trays piece by piece, enhance productivity.

Dusting powder device avoid products Too sticky to stick on the tray.

Products can fall down to trays directly, no need person to touch products by hand, keep food from contamination and make sure it’s good shape.

Safety cover can not only keep material from contamination but also confirm no dangerous when production.

Cooling fan will protect motor from high temperature after long time production.

Compact size with delicate design, user-friendly interface, simple operation, production performance is stable, reliable and safe.

Composite plastic material hopper, it has the characters of light weight, non-stickm easy to tear down & install, easy to clean comparing to stainless steel hopper.


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