Automatic Energy ball production line / Hanjue Coating & Rounder ball making machine


Automatic Energy ball production line/ Hanjue Coating & Rounder ball making machine can produce many kinds of food with different size and covering.

The whole production line is made by HJ-860 Encrusting machine + Hanjue automatic Coating & Rounder ball machine, it can make ball from different size by changing mold.

The automatic Coating & Rounder ball making machine will make the products more rounder and coating with coconuts flakes, sesame, bread crumbs, sugar, Chopped nuts or other powder.

Technical parameters:

Model Name HJ-860 Energy ball production line
Capacity 30-70pcs/min
Power  0.5kw/220v single phase
Products weight 10-50g/pcs
Machine dimension  300*50*120 cm
Machine weight 200kg
Material 304 stainless steel
Controller PLC Touch screen



1) Save labor cost in the long run. Capable of making different foods

2) Reasonable price and high capacity.

3) Easy for operation, cleaning, assembling, and repairing.

4) Different materials can be applied for the encrusting products.

5) Can make various stuffed food by changing shutter/mold.

6) Easy to control product size and shape.

7) Ratio of the dough and stuffed are adjustable.

8) Can save 99 type of production modes.

9) Compact size with delicate design, user-friendly interface, production performance stable, reliable, safe.


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